Friday, August 19, 2011

Useful phrases in spanish

These phrases are very useful and any tourist/visitor in Guatemala should know them:

Yes. >> Si.
No. >> No.
Hello. >> Hola.
Goodbye. >> Adios.
My name is... >> Me llamo...
How are you? >> ¿Como estas?
How Much (does it cost)? >> ¿Cuanto cuesta?
Where is...? >> ¿Donde está?
I don't understand. >> No entiendo
Do you speak English? >> ¿Hablas inglés?
Where is a good restaurant? >> ¿Dónde hay un buen restaurante?
Check, please. >> La cuenta, por favor.
I am hungry. >> Tengo hambre.
I am thirsty. >> Tengo sed.
I would like to see the menu. >> Quiero ver el menu.
Help! >> Socorro!
I am lost. >> Ando perdido.
Be careful! >> Cuidado!
May I use the bathroom? >> ¿Puedo usar el baño?
Where is the bathroom? >> ¿Dónde está el baño?
Please call a doctor. >> Por favor, llame al médico.
Please call the police. >> Por favor, llame al policía.
Please help me. >> Ayúdeme, por favor.
Bless you. >> Salud.
By your leave. >> Con permiso.
Excuse me. >> Perdon.
Good morning. >> Buenos dias
Good afternoon. >> Buenos tardes.
Good night. >> Buenas noches.
I'm Sorry. >> Lo siento.
Nice to meet you. >> Mucho gusto.

Software to learn spanish

I was looking for some sources to learn spanish and I found this list of the best software, unfortunately there is no GPL programs on this list. However you can build your own training program if you take some tools provided by the Open source community.

Commercial software

  • Tell Me More Spanish
  • Fluenz Spanish
  • Spanish Complete Edition
  • Rosetta Stone Spanish
  • Instant Immersion Spanish
  • Berlitz Spanish
  • Learn Spanish Now
  • 101 Languages of the World
  • Learn to Speak Spanish
  • TeachMe! Spanish

At this page you can find a list of FREE software (most of them are for Linux, but Ubuntu is a good choice these days)